With all humanity be harmonious

We all must learn to accept many people and things. Grand Master Wei-Chueh once said, "It is imperative to be in harmony with others."  Basically, it is essential to get along with each other. We all have violence inside our heart, which is why it is so important to incorporate this tenet into our daily life.  It's true we all have different opinions--and that's okay. Accepting others' opinions does not necessarily mean agreeing with them. We will have conflicts with other people if we do not listen to their opinions. We tend to think we are always right, but that's not always true. Continuing to think that way would not enable us to get along.

Harmony is a strong thread binding us together. With it, we tend to have more friends and strength. If we are self-centered, it will be very difficult to have friends.

Snapping a single chopstick in half is easy. However, FIVE chopsticks bound together are nearly impossible to break! Those with support from others are able to withstand trouble.

Characters Diana Tanuwijaya as little kid who got lost
Vivian Tu as the mother of this little kid
Indah Permataningsih as the hotel staff
Willy Horia as the story narrator
Chetman, Albert, Justin, and Sharon as tennis players
Summer is a time for relaxation. It was not a surprise many people were on vacation at Pi-Gi Island. Several people went to the hotel's own ClubMed Tennis Court, and there, many players were energetically playing tennis.

Just then, the announcer buzzed in the intercom, telling everyone they had to return to the Hotel Lobby, as it was getting late. Guided by a staff member, they safely returned to their rooms.

However, two tennis players were playing in such concentration they did not hear the announcement. These players, Diana and Justin, discovering they were the only one on the court, realized they were lost. Since Diana was a dependent child, she started crying and wanted her mother. Her partner, attempting to soothe her, said everything would be fine but Diana just cried harder.

A Hotel staff member, along with Diana's mother, later returned to the tennis court after discovering Diana was not back in her room yet. Diana ran up to her mother, and was comforted in her mother's arms. The mother did not yell at her daughter, but told her it was foolish to get lost like that, and was just relieved nothing horrible happened to her.

Tommy and Dizang Pu Sa

Remember how Dave learned to respect his parents with the realization Mark gave him from the First Tenet (To our elders be respectful)?

Well now, Dave and Mark's parents had taken all of them to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Since Mark had been in college for such a long time, he had not been eating healthy which is why his parents kept ordering for him so he could eat a greater variety of food. By doing this, Dave felt neglected and jealous.

Later that night when Dave went to sleep, he dreamt he was all alone. Suddenly, a Buddhist monk appears. Curiosity grows in him, for he has never seen one before. The monk introduces himself as the Dizang Pu Sa, who helps bring people out from the Underworld with great vows. Dizang then brings Dave to a nauseating filthy area, filled with old and crippled people with run-down buildings. The monk explains to Dave they are currently in Hell. Those who had performed bad deeds in previous lifetimes are sent here. Now, it is lunchtime, and, filled with hunger, everyone goes inside the soiled building. Although the food is plentiful on the table, their chopsticks are three feet long! Since the chopsticks are too long, they cannot put any food inside their mouths, so they decide to knock each other's food down instead.