To our juniors be kind

This tenet was created to protect life. Following these basic principles is also beneficial to your health. Juniors are classified as people or generations younger than us, and also include animals and food. Now you are probably thinking, "How do we treat food nicely?" That simply means to not waste it and be conservative.

Characters Chetman as the Monk named Sammy
Justin as the Master
Jean as the Passerby Lady
As a monk was walking through the forest on a journey to the temple, he came upon a lady who offered him an apple. But seeing the apple wrinkled, she didn't want him to eat it. The monk, however, insisted that she must not waste food. Moments later, the lady saw a spider and attempted to kill it.

Speaking with wisdom, the monk gave her a short lecture, instructing her that nature should be kept at peace. Finally he returned to his practice. The Master sensed that he had performed good deeds, saving both life and food. His master told him that, with these actions, he would have more blessings in his life. Don't hurt our juniors; be kind to them.

Don't hurt our juniors; be kind to them.


Group Posters
Based on the performances, each group was given an assignment, in which they were to draw on a poster board and make up a story to accompany the drawing. With markers, a board, and 20 minutes, this is the result of their work:

Save Plants, No Killing, No Meat!
Don't squash spiders with newspapers or run 20 mph with a flyswatter after a butterfly. Refrain from eating meat, and try not to trample on flowers and plants. Be kind to your siblings as well.

Save Food, Save Spiders, Protect Life!
Be thrifty and save food! Don't waste any scraps! Save spiders and protect life, and you will be healthy.

Save the Rainforest!
The tranquil rainforest is home to many animals, and everyday we humans destroy the shelter of thousands of animals.

Protect Life!
Don't use bug spray on bugs, but don't kill any other insects either!

STORIES -- The Cry for Help
Buddhism encourages vegetarianism because life is precious to animals, too. If you protect others, then they will do good things to you in return.

A woman had a swimming pool in her backyard. Her dog recently gave birth to a dozen puppies, but she gave away 7, leaving the dog with five. During the winter, the woman was sleeping warmly in bed when she heard her dog howling. Being so comfortable, she decided to check in the morning. The next day, she found her adult dog lying near the pool. It turned out that it was crying for help the night before. The five puppies had drowned in the pool.

In Romania, many children are infected with AIDS mostly because parents pass it on to their children or they become infected by sharing needles. A long time ago, a rule in this country was that families had to have 5 children (just to have more men for work). Most of the time 3 out of 5 in a family had to be sent to an orphanage because the parents could not afford to take care of them. At the orphanage, the medical staff could not afford to change needles when they gave shots. You can imagine what would happen if a child had the flu and everyone needed a shot. The whole orphanage would become infected with AIDS! In some countries, medical equipment cannot be obtained easily. Donations are definitely encouraged. Think of all the lives you can save.